AC Repair West Palm Beach


AC Repair West Palm Beach

AC Repair West Palm Beach

Sosa Air: Air Conditioner AC Sales, AC Service, AC Repair West Palm Beach is an official dealer to the most popular brands like Westinghouse, Trane, and Rheem. If you should need a new air conditioner unit, we have many models to choose from depending on your needs. Energy efficiency is an important part of choosing your new AC unit. There are other considerations like tax incentives and rebates as well as financing. Call us so that we can best evaluate your needs and present you with a custom solution for your particular AC needs.

Air Conditioner Service & Sales West Palm beach FLSosa Air: Air Conditioner AC Sales, AC Service, AC Repair West Palm Beach, can provide you with the indoor air quality your family needs. Allergy season comes around every year to our West Palm Beach Florida area. Thousands of people suffer through it with flue like symptoms fatigue and just a high level of discomfort. A good filter and well maintained AC unit are some of the most important tools you have to deal with poor indoor air.

Do you want to ensure your property is looking its best? Contact Sosa Air at (561) 655-6468

 today, our team is here to help.

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